Bullitt Cargo Delivery E-drive


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The Bullitt is a sportive, light and fast cargobike. Ideal for couriers to make city centre deliveries.

The Bullitt is a very light and sportive cargobike. The Bullitt feels like a normal bike and is the fastest cargobike in the world.

The Bullitt will be delivered unassembled in the carton box. So the bike must be build. We can build it for you for 250 €.

The Bullitt has choice of several gears, most common are the Alfine 8 internal hubgear or the Deore 20 external derailleur gear.

The Bullitt comes in 10 different colors.

The prices are:

5295 € Shimano STePS 6100 , Nexus 5di2 hubgears
5545 € Shimano STePS 6100 , Nexus 5di2 hubgears with gates beltdrive
5545 € Shimano STePS 6100, XTdi2 external derailleurgears

6395 € Shimano EP8, Nexus 5di2 hubgears with gates beltdrive
6395 € Shimano EP8, XT di2 external derailleurgears

Special for cargo delivery there are many optional boxes:

Small basic 135 liter aluminium box is 410 €
Bigger sportive 140 liter aluminium box is 870 €
Bag Pro 200 liter pro box is 1700 €
Bag Pro 300 liter pro box is 1800 €
Bag Pro 400 liter pro box is 1900 €

Contact us to get an offer for a bike with the accesoires of your choice.

Additional information


Many different colors are possible. Check out on www.larryvsharry.com






Shimano Nexus 5 di2 internal hubgears, Shimano XT di2 external derailleur gears


Shimano STePS 6100 (60Nm torque), Shimano STePS EP8 (80Nm torque), 3 levels of support, max speed 25kmh


400W aku, 500W aku


Shimano hydraulic discbrakes front and rear


Foldable chainlock

Ratta mõõdud

pikkus 245cm, laius 47cm, kõrgus 110cm

Kasti mõõdud

pikkus 70cm, laius 40cm, kõrgus 52cm


lights front and rear, connected to steerdisplay and engine system


Kuni 100kg

Rataste suurus

26-tolline tagaratas ja 20-tolline esiratas

Sadula kandevõime



For 250€ we can organise the build for you., The bike will be delivered unassembled in the box, and must be build.


Sisesta summa vahemikus 125-10000€

Järelmaksu periood

Sisesta periood vahemikus 3-60 kuud

Kuumakse suurus